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Bruce Thorogood, Chairman of CRAB - Classic Channel Regatta organization :

We used JCH for the first time in the 2011 Classic Channel Regatta. We found it excellent to administer from an organiser's and user's point of view because all the information is available online, is transparent, it's easy for an owner to get a certificate on line, and it is free - none of the smoke and mirrors of other systems!
We'll definitely be using it again next time as it is much better than any of the alternatives we have found. One good thing about the JCH is that the committee are constantly looking at ways to improve it.

Guillermo Gefaell, President of the Asociación Galega de Barcos Clasicos e de Epoca - AGABACE :

In our area there are at present in use basically two general handicap systems for classic boats : The CIM system and the Jauge Classique handicap system - JCH - developed and widely adopted in the west of France and more recently in Great Britain and Ireland.
The CIM system has wide acceptance in the Mediterranean, where big races are run under this system. It is technically well developed and of a certain complexity. It requires the intervention of measurer and the certificate must be renewed every year.
The JCH system developed by what would become the Yacht Club Classique, advised by the Scientific Council of La Rochelle Maritime Museum is used for almost all Classics races in the French Atlantic coast. It has a quite simple design and implementation and certificates can be completed online and obtained for free.
Because of its wide use in the Atlantic area, which will allow the future development of interesting joint activities with Clubs and Associations of our international environment, because it is free and certificates are easy to obtain, AGABACE has decided to adopt and promote the use of the JCH system in Galicia, signing an agreement of use with the JCH board.

François Frey, President, Technical Commity of the JCH:

Paper published in the YCC Review - 2011

2011 is already the 15th anniversary of the JC Classic handicap. And we particularly set our heart on this anniversary because it affects the keystone of our whole building, both our sailing activities and our heritage !
As every winter, we worked to further improve our organization and our handicap itself. And this year work was more strategic because its aim was to meet the demand of JC Classic Handicap users : clubs participating to the CCMA and race entrants. They are becoming more end more numerous : 15 clubs, from La Rochelle to St Malo in France and also in Ireland and England. With the unique event of the Classic Channel Regatta this year, the first British regatta to adopt the JC Classic Handicap. More ...