Introduction to the JCH rating system

With the different forms following you can :

- Calculate freely a JCH rating. The result will appear directly online

- Calculate the JCH rating of your boat and send it to the JCH rating committee for validation. After acceptance a printable JCH Certificate will be available in the web site. You will be notified by email.

- Recalculate your rating after changes on your boat. It will be validated again by the JCH committee and put back on line.

You have not yet declared JCH rating or want to calculate your JCH rating in live.
You will have to provide 2 photos of the boat: one on a berth to see the hull, keel and rudder,
the other at sea with sails.


You already have a registered JCH rating and you want to change one or more values
(the previous data will be included in a form so that you can modify them)

Name of Yacht :

Declared Email :

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