Here are the values that were used to calculate the JCH rating that you can modify.
the drop-down menus show the declared value in the visible first line

Introduction to the JCH rating system
More information on the terms used

IMPERATIVELY join two photos:
one of the Yacht on a berth to see the underwater lines (specialy keel and rudder) and another at sea with her sails.
Only .JPG format maxi size 4 Mo
the second photo will be sent on the next page

Name of Yacht :

Sail number :

Build year (4 digits) :

Designer :

Design year (4 digits) :

Shipyard :

Regatta class :

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Regatta class Name :

Rigging :

Shape of hull :

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Performance group :

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Hull material :

Year of change of mast if replacement (4 digits) :

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Year of change of other spar if replacement :

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Sails material :

More informations about sails material...

Propeller :

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Winches :

Hull lenght (LH) :

Length on the Water Line(LWL) :

Max width (BH) :

Draft maxi (TE/TEDB) :

Draft min TEDH (centerboarder) :

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HLU Gnoa Berm :

HLP Gnoa Berm :

HLU Staysail or Jib Berm :

HLP Staysail or Jib Berm :

HLU Yankee Berm :

HLP Yankee Berm :

HLU Staysail Gaffer :

HLP Staysail Gaffer :

HLU Jib Gaffer :

HLP Jib Gaffer :

HLU flying jib Gaffer :

HLP flying jib Gaffer :

P Main Berm :

E Main Berm :

P Mizzen Berm :

E Mizzen Berm :

MAE Main Gaffer :

MAH Main Gaffer :

MAU Main Gaffer :

MAD Main Gaffer :

MAF Main Gaffer :

MAE Mizzen Gaffer :

MAH Mizzen Gaffer :

MAU Mizzen Gaffer :

MAD Mizzen Gaffer :

MAF Mizzen Gaffer :

FE Topsail Gaffer :

FU Topsail Gaffer :

FF Topsail Gaffer :

SL or ALE Spi :

SL or ALU Spi :

SHW or AMG Spi :

SFL or SF Spi :

Email :

usual place of sailing :

Contact name :

Tel :

ALE Mizzen staysail :

AMG Mizzen staysail :

ALU Mizzen staysail :

SF Mizzen staysail :

FIE fisherman :

FIH fisherman :

FIU fisherman :

FID fisherman :

FIF fisherman :

HLU Gennaker :

HLP Gennaker :

Fore sail with battens :

Displacement declarated (tons) :

Please check

Mast material :

Boom material :

HLU staysail for genoa :

HLP staysail for genoa :

HLU additional jib or staysail :

HLP additional jib or staysail :

HLU flying jib berm :

HLP flying jib berm :

P additional mainsail :

E additional mainsail :

P additional mast :

E additional mast :

Distance between mast and deck along the forestay (FL) :

Horizontal distance between the front face of the mast and the low point of the forestay on the deck(J) :

Use of big-boy, tall-boy, spinnaker staysails or other special sails in association with the spinnaker :


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